For people who live in cities that drop below freezing in the winter, images of Christmas usually consist of things like snowy rooftops, crackling fires in the hearth and the scenic drift of snowflakes through the air. Yet, as welcoming as these scenes may be in a traditional sense, the fact is: No matter how much winter makes your town or city appear like an image from a Hallmark Christmas card, the cold weather can really start to wear on you come late December.

That’s why many people choose to vacation in a mild climate around Christmas time. If you’re looking for a warm destination that allows you to celebrate the holiday in unique ways, it’s tough to beat Las Vegas as a travel destination. Why is Las Vegas a great Christmas destination compared to other cities? That’s the question we answer in this post, providing ten reasons why you should consider spending Christmas in Las Vegas instead of trudging through snow drifts.

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1. Mild Weather in Winter

According to U.S. climate data, the average high for Las Vegas in the month of December is 58°F. In the winter, the weather is often warm enough for tourists to wear a sweater or light jacket and feel perfectly warm, but you probably won’t experience the city’s warm, humid weather that makes a t-shirt about the only piece of clothing you feel like pulling over your head.

2. World-Class Christmas Displays

Vegas is known for creating some of the most breathtaking holiday displays in the world. From the festive Christmas walkthrough exhibits in the Bellagio Botanical Gardens to the towering tree in the Crystal Shops, Vegas will afford you some of the most unforgettable holiday photo-ops that you’ll ever encounter.

3. Getting a Natural Tan in Winter

If you spend Christmas in Las Vegas while the city is experiencing a warm spell, the temperature could easily rise high enough for you to use the outdoor pool at your hotel instead of swimming in the one located inside. Many people spend hundreds of dollars during the winter to go to tanning salons. In Vegas, you may have the opportunity to get a winter tan naturally.

4. Special Holiday Incentives

Hotels, casinos, restaurants and other establishments in Las Vegas know the city is popular winter destination for many travelers, even as the city is generally less touristy in the cold months. Consequently, many businesses capitalize on tourist activity by offering special rates and deals that generously incentivize spending part of the Christmas season in the metropolis. As you make travel plans, be sure to ask businesses about any special deals they may offer.

5. Shopping Opportunities Galore

When they think of commerce in Las Vegas, many people instantly think of casinos that feature more neon lights than a mid 1990s R.E.M. concert. But the city is also home to some of the finest art, jewelry and clothing boutiques outside of Beverly Hills. It makes perfect sense. When people win big at the casinos, they have plenty of options for enjoying their newfound wealth.

6. Awesome Entertainment Options

From recurring musical performances by top artists, to world class clubs and bars, to old fashioned burlesque shows, there are tons of entertainment options in Vegas that appeal to a variety of social palates. Whether you’re in the mood for adult themed entertainment or entertainment that’s great for the whole family, Las Vegas offers a plethora of exciting options.

7. No Other City Quite Like It

In terms of overall uniqueness, Vegas is on the level of highly novel cities such as Venice, Italy, and Paris, France. Simply put, you can’t go to another city and experience the same type of neon light adorned scenery and the same dedication to offering a myriad of entertainments. For many, Vegas is a world class destination. Once you visit the metropolis, it’s easy to see why.

8. Affordable on Most Budgets

It’s fair to say that a trip to Vegas can be about as expensive as you want it to be. You could spend millions of dollars on the very best accommodations, leisure activities and value-added services the city has to offer, but you could also spend four digits instead of seven digits and still have an awesome experience. In terms of price, Vegas is truly a city for almost every budget.

9. Creating Lasting Memories

For those who celebrate the holiday festively, Christmas is a time for making fond memories that will be remembered. If you really want your friends and relatives to be impressed with your Christmas plans, taking them on a trip to the Vegas strip will surely do the trick. Say goodbye to your town’s quaint Christmas lights and hello to Vegas’s awesome christmas light displays.

10. Opportunity to Strike it Rich

Lottery tickets are common Christmas gifts for adults, but they don’t come close to offering the excitement you experience by playing games of chance in Vegas, games that could potentially make you as rich as a winning lottery ticket. Just be sure to play the games within budget. Leaving Vegas with empty pockets offers no excitement at all.

Ready to Spend Christmas in Vegas?

Spending Christmas in Las Vegas isn’t for everyone. Some people would rather spend the holiday among snowy rooftops and smoke billowing from chimneys. If you don’t belong in this group, and you love scenic metropolises with mild winter weather, then spending Christmas in Las Vegas could be a great Christmas present for you and your special relations. State Van Rental can provide you and your travel group with a comfortable, multi passenger van or SUV for traveling to the neon city.

Contact us today at (888) 826-5212, or fill out our contact form to inquire about special offers and reserve your travel vehicle. We offer some of the best rent rates in the business for some of the best multi passenger vehicles. We look forward to helping you spend Christmas in Vegas!

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