In the early 1970s, pop singer Albert Hammond belted out the famous tune, “It Never Rains in Southern California.” Despite the current drought in the state’s southern region, Southern California does receive rain, but one form of precipitation the area doesn’t see often is snow — unless you choose to venture up into the mountains. This is one of main reasons why many people decide to take a winter vacation in California.

Winter weather in Southern California feels remarkably like spring weather in colder regions. Consequently, people in the lower region of the state tend to be out and about more in the winter than people who live in places where ice cicles could form on their nose. While the temperate weather in Southern California is enjoyable on its own, it also inspires people to get out and enjoy a variety of other great attractions in the sunny region.

So while all of your neighbors are scraping ice off of their windshields and avoiding the outdoors as if the apocalypse were upon us, you could be basking beneath the California sun and enjoying some of the following excursions:

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame stretches for 1.3 miles, running east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from North Gower Street to North La Brea Ave.. The attraction also has short segments located on Marshfield Way between Hollywood and La Brea, and located on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard. There is lots of area to cover, so remember to bring along your best walking shoes.

Construction of the the Walk of Fame began in 1958, with the first permanent star appearing in 1960. Today, the walk features thousands of stars that are some of the most photographed objects in the Hollywood area. To see the attraction in its entirety, it’s a good idea to set aside a day to casually walk the egress paths where the stars are embedded. If you’re lucky, you might just encounter one of your favorite movie stars in the flesh. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

While you’re in the area, be sure also to check out the La Brea Tar Pits, catch a show at the Pantages Theatre, and peruse the world famous Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Enjoy a pastrami sandwich at the world famous Canter’s Deli, or pick up a hot dog at Pink’s.

Knott’s Berry Farm Buena Park

Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park isn’t your average amusement park. Some of the location’s unique attractions include buildings uprooted from real California ghost towns, as well as the Perilous Plunge water ride (which has been called “the tallest, steepest and wettest ride ever,”), and Ghost Rider (the “second best” wooden roller coaster in the world).

Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park is also special thanks to its unique blend of entertainments that are enjoyable for kids and adults alike. If children will travel with you on your winter vacation in California, and you decide to visit Knott’s Berry Farm, be sure to take them to Camp Snoopy, an area of the park where adult attractions and attractions for kids intertwine. The park features 150 acres of rides and attractions that truly offer something for almost everyone.

If amusement parks are your thing, you’ll also want to check out Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia and Universal Studios in Hollywood. For more low-key amusements where you can just take your time and explore the atmosphere, visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park.

La Jolla Cove Beach 

One of the great things about California in the wintertime is that you can actually visit the beach. In winter! So might we recommend La Jolla Cove Beach? It may not be one of the most nationally known California beaches, but it’s nonetheless one of the most scenic ones. The beach stretches across a relatively small area of sand that’s located between high sandstone cliffs that seem to touch the stratosphere. The water has a beautiful, jade color that belies the excellent visibility just beneath its surface.

The beach is a major attraction for photographers who like to capture seaside landscapes, and for snorkeling and scuba diving buffs who love to enjoy marine life in its natural element. The water offers visibility down to 30 feet, and the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve protects aquatic life in the area. Swim, observe the local marine life, lay on the beach, or do all three!

For other great beach attractions, be sure to check out the world-famous Santa Monica Pier and make your way up to the Third Street Promenade. Huntington Beach is also gorgeous in the winter months.

The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art

So far we’ve spotlighted special attractions in Southern California that are located outdoors, but now it’s time to head inside and see The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art’s unique collection of art and cultural artifacts. Located in Santa Ana, this museum isn’t your standard city art museum, as it literally has attractions for people of all ages.

In addition to The Bowers Museum located at 2002 N. Main St., the site includes the Kidseum located at 1802 N. Main St. CBS Los Angeles notes that Kidseum “enables kids’ imaginations and creativity to flourish by offering kids the opportunity to dress-up internationally, play tribal instruments, wear ethnic masks, explore international languages and participate in an art lab.” If you want to stimulate your child’s mind with quality entertainment, this is a great place to do it.

Other great museums in the Los Angeles area include the Natural History Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Getty Center, the California Science Center, and the Huntington Library.

Disneyland Park 

Disneyland Park is one of Southern California’s biggest attractions worldwide. However, if you visit the famous theme park during a winter vacation in California, you won’t have to deal with nearly as much tourist traffic or as many long lines for rides as you would if you visited the location during the traditional summer vacation season. January (after New Year) and February are the park’s slowest months, so you can ride to your heart’s content.

Disneyland Park is unique among Disney theme parks because it’s the only one whose construction was directly supervised by Disney creator Walt Disney. If you love Disney entertainment, and you want to experience Mr. Disney’s vision for his theme parks, this is the park to visit. Bring your camera to take selfies will all of your favorite Disney characters!

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