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How to Explore Hollywood with a Large Group of Friends

Famed for its incredible history, legendary landmarks, celebrity sightings, and exciting excursions, Hollywood is a one-of-a-kind destination best explored with friends. When planning your visit to Los Angeles, it’s a good idea to arrange for lodging and transportation in advance, while allowing plenty of time for spontaneous adventures once you arrive. One of the most […]

12 Passenger Vans for Rent — Choose State Van Rental

Traveling with a group takes a great deal of planning. One of the most important aspects is transportation. A mid-sized group of approximately 12 people is too small to rent a large coach bus, but clearly requires multiple sedans, SUVs or minivans to shuttle everyone around. While forming a vehicle caravan can be effective, trying […]

The Best Ways to Get Around Las Vegas as a Tourist

Perhaps more obviously than any other U.S. travel destination, Las Vegas is a city designed to cater to tourists. With an array of live shows, exciting restaurants, bustling casinos, music and comedy venues, and much more to experience, Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind destination that promises adventure and diversion. Whether you’re hoping for a Las […]

Halloween Events in Los Angeles | The Top 10 Events

As October 31 rapidly approaches, there are few considerations more timely (and more fun) than how to make the most of your Halloween! For those who live in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, there are literally hundreds of options from which to choose, and it can be tricky (or treaty?) to know which way […]

Halloween Events in Las Vegas | The Top 10 Best Events

In a city that’s custom-made for celebration, opportunities for an unforgettable Halloween abound. With a number of exciting events peppering the Las Vegas Strip and beyond, you’re sure to find exactly the right spot to binge on candy, win an outlandish costume contest, or dance the night away. To help you explore your options with […]