Time and again, State Van Rental’s competitors offer cargo van rentals at very high prices, coupled with unforeseen fees. A standard-size car will not cut in in various situations. When the customer finds himself in this position, he must obtain a temporary cargo van rental. Aware of the customer’s desperation, many cargo van rentals in Los Angeles take advantage of the person who eagerly seeks a van for a group trip, business project, or for moving house. State Van Rental presents affordable daily rates on each cargo and multi-passenger van in their fleet. It is not uncommon for our customers to travel as part of a church or non-profit group. When this is the case, the traveling group could receive a 10% discount, in addition to the low daily rates that are offered across the board to all customers interested in multi-passenger or cargo van rentals.

When the time comes for many heavy items or gear to be transported across town or to another city, the customer is in need of a reliable cargo van rental in Los Angeles. Trying to load large objects into a four-door sedan is very difficult and time-consuming, but one of the cargo van rentals from State Van Rental will make short work of the project or errand. Tinted windows shield the interiors of the van while automatic transmission allows for secure handling of the precious cargo. If the customer is in need of a vehicle to transport additional passengers as well as gear or luggage, he or she may reserve the 15-passenger Chevy Express. This multi-passenger van comfortably accommodates over a dozen passengers, but one of the benches can be removed if extra space is required.

To learn more about the vans available at State Van Rental or to reserve a cargo van, call Los Angeles’s premier van rental agency today at 888-826-5212.

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