There is one place to go for van rentals if you are the administrator for a church group or any non-profit group, it’s State Van Rental! We usually offer a discount on any of our vans for your group adventure or fundraiser! Choose among a 7, 8, 12 and 15 passenger van as well as conversion and cargo vans. You can typically save up to 10% on any conversion van rental in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, some blackout periods apply.

We respect non-profit groups and love to help out whenever possible. Our vans have been used to transport clothing donations and canned food items for various church groups as well as blankets and food items for a wide range of wonderful causes. One non-profit group received a discount on a 12 passenger van rental in Los Angeles when a group of ladies decided to participate in a charity walk benefiting their favorite charity.

Whatever your cause, State Van Rental is here to provide you with an outstanding vehicle that suits your needs, at the most reasonable price we can manage. We understand that charitable groups, community organizations, even musical groups and acting troupes are doing what they do out of love and they are very definitely not made of money! Just give us a call and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate you. Our friendly and professional team members are used to dealing with a wide range of individuals, and they are here to help. You won’t regret making us your first call when it’s time to arrange transportation.

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