For many church congregations, taking a group trip to a sister church or another special location is one of most enjoyable types of church events. It allows church members to enjoy their close friendship and provides a nice change of scenery that every travel lover wants in a leisure trip. However, if your church doesn’t have a van that meets your travel needs, you’ll need to rent one that does. Below are six helpful tips for getting competitive rent rates on the best vans.

1. Avoid Middlemen in the Rental Process

Using the services of a travel planner is an easy way to rent a travel vehicle and ensure that it’s ready when you need it. However, handling your rental this way means that you pay both the travel planner and the vehicle rental company that supplies the automobile. In many cases, church groups can pay less by going to the source and working directly with the rental company. You can put the money your church saves toward making other worthy causes and activities.

2. Reserve Your Vehicle Early if Possible

Reserving your vehicle as early as possible has two potential advantages: It can allow you to lock in a better rate than you might receive if you waited weeks or months later to rent, and it can give you the ability to choose precisely the type of vehicle you want for your travels, as vehicle selection tends to be better the earlier you rent. If you already have the budget mapped out for your trip, you may as well take advantage of the benefits of renting your vehicle now.

3. Set a Budget Before Requesting Quotes

A common way that church groups overpay for rental vehicles is by not setting a budget before they contact rental companies to receive price quotes. People often get talked into spending more than they want when they buy a new automobile without a budget in place, and the same thing can happen when they rent a vehicle without placing a cap on spending. Many rental companies will work with you to provide the automobile you need for a price you can afford.

4. Shop Carefully

Even if you took your last church trip just a few months ago and feel like you have a good handle on price options, it’s still a great idea to request new price quotes. Because conditions in the vehicle rental market and markets that affect it can change from quarter to quarter, so can the cost of your church van rental. Always do your homework, ask questions, and express any potential concerns to the rental company before making your decision.

5. Use Your Church’s Tax Exempt Status

Because the IRS views churches as non-profit organizations with tax exempt status, your church inherently has the opportunity to avoid paying sales tax for its church group van rental. Depending on the type of van you rent and how long you need to rent it, avoiding sales tax could save you hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind, though, that to receive the tax-free benefit, you typically need to present an official document that establishes your church’s tax-free status.

6. Inquire About Special Rental Offers

Vehicle rental companies often provide special rental incentives that give customers more for their money. Because the offers are frequently time sensitive, it’s important to inquire about the latest opportunities and how long you have to take advantage of them. Special rental offers can save you hundreds of dollars on the rental agreement, and sometimes even more. So, before you pay full price for the van you need, see if you can get a church group van rental on special terms. At State Van Rental, we have a special 10% discount for church group van rentals. Ask our agents about this deal when booking.

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Some vehicle rental companies offer great prices but not great vehicles, while others offer great vehicles but not such great rates. At State Van Rental, we use our considerable experience and expertise in vehicle rental industry to provide automobiles that you enjoy traveling in for rates you can afford. We currently offer rental vans that comfortably seat seven, eight, twelve and fifteen passengers. We also offer cargo vans that are perfect for transporting your luggage.

If a group from your church plans to take a trip, and you need a van for reaching the destination, call us today at (888) 826-5212, or fill out our contact form, to secure your church van rental. Get 10% off your rental when booking on behalf of your church!

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