Vans and San Francisco have gone well together since the 1960s. Even though the hippies of Haight-Ashbury have mostly moved on, full size van rental in San Francisco is still alive and well thanks to State Van. We’ve been in operation for a decade, and we’ve seen the roads of San Francisco change, along with the needs of customers. We’ve needed to keep up with their demands by offering clean, well-maintained full size van rental in San Francisco, and great features go hand-in-hand with competitive rates. Company trips, church groups and volunteer organizations have come to rely on our services, and you should too.

Your van comes fully equipped with all the features you demand, and some that will surprise you. Anti-lock breaks and rear swing-out doors come standard, along with a removable back seat for fitting all that extra luggage. And for your added comfort, select models come with tinted windows. Full size van rental in San Francisco should offer a safe and clean experience, and also a luxurious one, even on a budget.

We also offer van conversions, along with 7 and 8 passenger vans in addition to our full size 12 and 15 passenger models. As a leader in van rental we’re here to answer your questions and concerns. Don’t hesitate to call us directly about full size van rental in San Francisco.

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