For many, getting to Burning Man is a rite of passage. It’s a pilgrimage that one must make at least once in a lifetime. When you consider just how huge the Burning Man festival has gotten over the years, it’s not surprising that men and women of all ages from all across the globe flock to the spectacle like moths to a candle. If you and your friends are ready to experience the legendary Burning Man extravaganza, you might as well do it right, right?

Save On Travel Costs
Traveling to Burning Man can get expensive. Airlines boost their prices because they know that tourists will pay whatever it takes. Traveling by car is one option, but it doesn’t make sense if you’re traveling with a group (or if you don’t own a vehicle). That’s where we come in. We make getting to Burning Man affordable so that you can save your cash for the festivities. For instance, consider organizing a carpool and splitting the cost with fellow festival goers. This not only reduces your financial burden, but makes the ride more memorable and enjoyable. When you rent one of our 12 or 15 passenger vans, the rental and gas costs are negligible when divided among your travel companions.

Arrive In Style
Nobody wants to show up to a larger-than-life festival in a clunker! Here at State Van Rental, we offer a variety of awesome vehicles that will fit large groups and provide everyone with luxurious accommodations. We have vans that can fit up to 15 people, and they all come equipped with features to make your traveling experience memorable. We make sure that getting to Burning Man and back is smooth sailing the entire way for you and your crew.

Enjoy Peace of Mind
When your goal is to party, the last thing you want to do is break down and miss the fun. Our vehicles are frequently inspected and maintained so you never have to worry. We also make sure that each vehicle is meticulously cleaned so that you can enjoy the brand new van experience. We take quality control very seriously, so don’t stress about any issues along the way. Your safety is our first priority, so rent from us with complete confidence.

Score One for the Environment
Let’s not overlook the environmental benefits of carpooling by van. When you hit the road in one van as opposed to five cars, you’re reducing carbon emissions by a significant margin. Burning Man is all about getting in touch with Mother Earth, so why not start the trip off right, and embark in the most environmentally responsible way that you can?

Traveling Together Is Fun
When it comes down to it, the journey is an essential part of the overall experience. Sure, maybe you could pack your friends into a couple different cars, but what’s the fun in that? When your whole gang travels in the same van, you’re in for some fun times. After all, getting to Burning Man is a quintessential part of the experience, so don’t sell yourself short. Road trips make memories, and we make road trips easy. Our Los Angeles and Las Vegas locations also make it easy to incorporate Burning man into other vacation plans. The possibilities are endless!

Accommodate Your Luggage
When a group of people travels together, there is bound to be an excess need for cargo space. There’s always that one friend who brings their entire wardrobe, not to mention the bare essentials adding up. Our massive vans allow you to comfortably bring whatever you need without having to stress about it. If you want to bring camera gear, that’s no problem. Thinking about bringing a few bicycles? Just throw them in the back. With a van, getting to Burning Man with everything you need is never a struggle. We also offer cargo vans for larger loads.

Contact State Van Rental Today
For premiere van rental services with locations near Los Angeles International Airport and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, look no further. We also offer many drop-off and pick-up points to make things as easy as possible. We can even deliver or pick up your rental virtually anywhere in California. Call us toll free at 888-826-5212, or call our offices at 310-641-7000. With State Van Rental on your side, getting to Burning Man has never been so easy, fun, or luxurious. Get in touch today.

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