Held in the South Hall of the L.A. Convention Center, the latest LAMKT event (a.k.a. California gift show 2016) will take place between January 2 and February 2. The occasion is a great opportunity for retailers in the gift products industry to discover new, high-quality products that they can purchase from exhibitors at the show, and then sell in the retail setting for a profit.

The California gift show 2016 features a variety of exhibitors that include Aloha Republic, Culturas, Discover Handmade, Dorfman Pacific, ART Floral trading, LLC, F.T. Renner Company Gratitude Skincare and many more. There’s a lot to see at the show. In this entry, we focus on how your company can get the most from the California gift show 2016 as an attendee.

1. Identify Events to Attend

The California gift show 2016 will feature a bevy of retailers, not all of which will offer products you would be interesting in selling in store or online. Consequently, instead of sitting through all of the shows, as you wait for ones that apply to your business, identify the shows that you wish to attend in advance.

The show runs on the following dates: Saturday, January 30 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sunday, January 31 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Monday, February 1 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Tuesday, February 2 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can receive information about exhibitors and special exhibitions by calling (800) 318-2238 or (678) 285-EXPO (3976).

2. Bring Your Business Cards

There are two things that exhibitors at California gift show 2016 want attendees to do: Buy products outright or leave contact information so the lead nurturing process can begin. If you would rather become a quality lead instead of an instant customer, but sure to have plenty business cards on hand. Instead of filling out long contact forms, you can simply present your business card, which will give you more time to see products that apply to your business.

3. Be Prepared to Purchase

Becoming a lead instead of an instant customer gives you more time to decide whether you’re interested in investing in a product. However, some exhibitors at the event will undoubtedly offer special deals that create a strong incentive to buy. If you find a product whose price point offers an excellent value, you may be inclined to make a purchase. Just be sure that you use your company’s preferred payment method and have permission from company decision makers.

In addition, if you’re planning to buy big, you’ll need a vehicle that can haul the goods. A quality cargo van rental may be in order, but even a reliable passenger van can store most modestly sized acquisitions. Consider how much space you’ll need, and plan accordingly.

4. See the Product Review Guide

Before you set foot in the South Hall of the L.A. Convention Center, where the event is held, it’s a good idea to peruse the product review guide for the event to see the different exhibitors that will be there. Because hundreds of exhibitors will participate, it’s a good idea to prioritize which exhibitions you would like to see, and start at the top of the list.

Otherwise, in the midst of the swarm of attendees and visitors, you could easily miss out on exhibitions that are specifically geared toward the products you sell. You can access the event’s product review guide and list of exhibitors through the event’s main website.

5. Reserve a Passenger Van

If you’ll be traveling to the California gift show 2016 with family, friends or business colleagues, and you don’t have a vehicle that’s great for over the road travel, State Van Rental has you covered. With one of our spacious, affordable vans, you can not only enjoy stress-free travel to the event, but also take in all that the Los Angeles area has to offer, with unforgettable sightseeing, dining, and entertainment options within reach.

We offer late model passenger vans that comfortably seat 7, 8, 12, or 15 passengers. Our 15-passenger van is also available with a luxury cabin that’s full of nice appointments and is ideal for those who love to travel in style. We even offer a range of top-tier options, like FasTrak, GPS, and Wi-Fi, so you can reach every destination with ease, all while staying connected.

In addition, we offer that are perfect for individual travel or small groups. We also supply cargo vans that comfortably seat two and give you the rest of the van for storage. If you plan to buy cash-and-carry products, a cargo van could be exactly what you need to transports the goods back to your location.

To reserve a passenger vehicle, a cargo van, or both for your trip to the California gift show 2016, please call us today at (888) 826-5212 or (310) 641-7000 — and be sure to inquire about our specials. We look forward to providing you with an awesome vehicle for your journey to LAMKT 2016! State Van Rental — Getting You There Together.

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