It’s certainly no secret that Los Angeles traffic can be difficult to navigate. Trying to coordinate even a small group of people to arrive at your destination on time can be challenging — if not impossible. Alleviate this issue by choosing a Los Angeles minivan rental company to get a seven- or eight-passenger vehicle to shuttle your crew around town in the most efficient manner.

Whether you’re trying to arrange transportation for your child’s sports team, a church group, your rock band, or even guests visiting from out of town, renting a minivan is the ideal way to ensure that no one arrives late. This is also a great idea if you’re headed to a theme park with the family, or embarking on a road trip to one of our nation’s historic national parks, as it allows you to fit more people and more luggage in your vehicle, without sacrificing anyone’s comfort or personal space.

Los Angeles Minivan Rental

There are a million great reasons why you might need a Los Angeles minivan rental. Regardless of your motives, you can’t go wrong by choosing State Van Rental. Over the past decade, we’re proud to have built a reputation for business excellence, and we’d like to show you why we’re the fastest growing fleet in Southern California.

It’s always frustrating to rent a vehicle that doesn’t meet your expectations, but you can be sure you won’t get that with us. We’re proud of our perfectly polished fleet and we know you’ll be very satisfied! Whether you’re just using your Los Angeles minivan rental to get around town or taking it on a road trip, we’re confident your journey will be a lot more enjoyable if you’re behind the wheel of one of our first-rate minivans.

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It’s true that you have a lot of Los Angeles minivan rental companies, but none offer the value of State Van Rental. Choose from a variety of seven- and eight-passengers vans, such as a Toyota Sienna or a Chrysler Town & Country. Every vehicle in our fleet is clean, comfortable, and 100% reliable, so you can be certain you’ll have a smooth ride to your destination. Plus, we offer drop-off locations up and down the California coast, in addition to spots in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona!

Complete a form on our website today to reserve your minivan. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 310-641-7000 or toll-free at 888-826-5212. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our first-class minivans!

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