There are countless reasons to rent a luxury van in Los Angeles. Whether you’re visiting the city for vacation with your family, or you’re a local resident shuttling a large group around town for a wedding, anniversary, or other big event, you really can’t go wrong by choosing to ride in style. L.A. is a city of luxury. It’s always fun to treat yourself and your passengers to heightened luxury that makes getting where you’re going so much more fun! Sure, there are countless ways to get a group of people around the City of Angels, but why not choose the one that’s the most enjoyable?

From a practical perspective, it typically makes sense to gather your entire group together and arrive at your destination together, as it’s no secret that the city can be difficult to maneuver. Make sure everyone arrives on time and enjoy extra bonding time together by riding together in a beautiful luxury van. You’ll save on parking fees and gas, and your efforts will most certainly benefit the environment. So if you’re wondering if you need to rent a luxury van in LA, the answer is probably a resounding yes!

5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Luxury Van in LA

For those of you who live in L.A., you may think it’s a little frivolous to rent a van to get around your own city, but that couldn’t be further from the case. If you need to transport more people around town than your vehicle can safely and comfortable handle, opt for a luxury van rental. Los Angeles is a huge city, with a lot of cars on the road, so getting your entire group around can be a huge hassle if you’re not traveling together. Best of all, when you book with State Van Rental, your luxury van service is incredibly affordable, so you need not assume that word “luxury” implies costliness.

Still not sure that renting a luxury van is the right move for your situation? Ask yourself these five questions before making your decision:

1.  Where are you headed? Los Angeles is a very glamourous city. Even the regular crowd is bound to have the occasional opportunity to schmooze at some of the finest places the area has to offer, with fun and fancy people. If you and your friends, colleagues, family members etc. are headed somewhere a little special, why not treat yourself to a luxury van rental? Los Angeles is all about making impressions — and this is certainly one that will elevate your status. Allow yourself and your company to feel like fabulous movie stars for the night by enjoying a ride in a vehicle that really fits the occasion.

2. How long will you be in the van? The amount of time you’ll be spending in the van makes a huge difference. If you’re only going to be driving short distances and you don’t think you’ll get caught in much traffic, the van you’re riding in might not make much of a difference. However, if you’re heading out of town on a road trip or planning to do a lot of driving back and forth across L.A., you’ll be miserable if you’re stuck in a vehicle that isn’t comfortable. For example, a drive through the Valley can be pretty taxing without proper air conditioning, but rather pleasant if you can enjoy the sites in the cool air.

3.Who will you be driving? Everyone deserves to ride in style, but let’s face it — some people simply demand it. If you’re shuttling clients or other VIPs that you really need to impress around town, you can’t pick them up in a beater. No matter how clean it is and how great your driving skills are, their enjoyment is going to be hindered by the lack of luxury. Sometimes you have to fake it if you want to make it and picking fancy people up in a snazzy luxury van will definitely make a great impression!

4.Will it be helpful to have everyone in the same vehicle? Whether you’re a tourist visiting from out of town with family or friends, or an L.A. resident trying to wrangle a group of people together, it can definitely be easier to have a vehicle big enough to fit everyone. If you’ve ever tried to form a vehicle caravan on an LA road, you know the chances of maintaining it until you arrive at your destination are extremely slim. If your group is all headed to the same place, at the same time, avoid a massive headache by renting a luxury van to get everyone there together — and in style.

5.Do you have reliable transportation? There are few things more frustrating than having your car break down when you’re trying to get somewhere or when you’re already en route. This annoyance is elevated to new heights when you have a whole group of people relying on you and your inoperable vehicle to get them to their destination. If you can’t count on your existing van to get you and your crew around town, take things up a notch by renting a luxury van that will more than deliver the necessary transportation services.

Getting Around Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles or have ever visited the city, you’re well aware that one of the few flaws the area has is persistently terrible traffic. Any resident will tell you there are certain times of day to avoid freeways and main roads — and some roads are to be avoided altogether. In fact, for 2015, the annual TomTom traffic index named the city as having the worst evening commute in the entire country, with an average rush hour congestion rate of 80%.

When deciding whether or not to splurge for a luxury van rental, Los Angeles traffic should definitely be factored into your decision. Whether you’re a tourist visiting the city for vacation or a local who needs an extra-large ride for a special occasion, sitting in traffic always stings a little less when you’re riding in style. Enjoying the comfort of plush seats, cool air conditioning, and of course an efficient navigation system can make your drive significantly more enjoyable.

Plus, the city is filled with valet-only options and it’s always a lot more fun to pull up to the curb in style, rather than having to bashfully hand the keys over to a subpar clunker. Image is everything in this glamourous city, so you’ll definitely have more fun cruising down the Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, and other fashionable places if you and your crew is riding in luxury. You deserve nothing but the best!

Car Rental Market At-A-Glance

The rental car industry brings in $38 billion per year in revenue and has experienced an annual growth rate of 3.2% in recent years. In total, more than 110,032 people are employed at approximately 2,380 rental car companies. This means you certainly have your options when choosing a luxury van rental. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the country, so you can find just about every large and mid-sized rental car company in the area.

It’s always tempting to choose from the big names, simply on account of their brand recognition, loyalty programs, or past experience. What you may not realize is that smaller, independent retailers offer a level of personalization and attention to detail you won’t get when you choose a major chain.

Smaller businesses rely on customer loyalty and word of mouth to stay in business. Consequently, companies like State Van Rental will go out of their way to make sure your rental experience is second-to-none. You can be certain you’ll receive a clean and comfortable vehicle that has been perfectly maintained and outstanding customer service to match.

Choose State Van Rental

Searching for luxury van rental? Los Angeles has many options, but none that can compare to State Van Rental. Since our founding in 2009, our fleet has steadily increased by 40% per year. We’re pleased to offer you a huge selection of luxury vans, and our selection is constantly growing.

We’re proud to offer a fleet of vehicles that are clean, comfortable, and well maintained. Best of all, our vans are highly afforded, so you can enjoy high-end luxury at a reasonable price. Our Los Angeles rental site is conveniently located on Bellanca Ave., near LAX airport — and we offer free pickup from the airport! We also have location near McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, and a number of drop-off locations throughout California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, Arizona. Take advantage of our low competitive rates today by reserving a luxury van on our website, or by calling us toll-free at 888-826-5212 or 310-641-7000!

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