For many people, moving into a new apartment is an exciting occasion, a time of looking ahead to new opportunities and potential. One thing that isn’t so exciting, though, is actually transporting personal possessions to the new location. How can the move be made less stressful? Depending on what you need to transport, using cargo vans for moving instead of box trucks could make the relocation easier for five simple reasons.

1. Only Pay for the Space You Need

Many apartments have less living space and storage space than standalone residences, which means that going from one apartment to another often involves moving fewer boxes and pieces of furniture than you would move if you lived in a traditional house. Consequently, it makes good financial sense to rent a transport vehicle that doesn’t involve paying for space you don’t need.

When they think of switching residences, some apartment dwellers envision renting a truck that has a big, boxy cargo compartment. Yet, when they fill the compartment with their possessions, they often cover the compartment’s floor and leave lots of open space at the top. When using cargo vans for moving, it can be quite a bit easier to make full use of the cargo compartment.

2. Helps Prevent Cargo Damage

Besides making the delivery process more efficient, there’s a reason why freight carriers prefer to fill up the whole freight compartment whenever possible: it helps keep freight from falling and getting damaged while the truck travels to its destination. Because the cargo compartment of a cargo van is smaller and easier to fill than the cargo compartment of a big box truck, it can help prevent boxes and furniture from shifting, falling and suffering damage during the move.

3. Easier to Park on the Street

If you’re moving into a new apartment, you’re presumably moving to an area that is relatively populous and features residences that are situated close to one another. If so, it means there will probably be plenty of vehicles parked along the street, which makes it difficult to find a parking spot for a boxy moving truck, much less a parking spot that allows traffic to flow freely.

Some neighborhoods have signs forbidding commercial trucks from driving through the housing area unless they are “servicing or loading” (“loading” accounts for unloading, too). The reason is simple: commercial trucks inevitably need to enter the neighborhood every now and then, but they can create traffic problems. They need to get in and out as quickly as possible.

A cargo van doesn’t pose this problem. It may be a bit longer and wider than your average car, but if people can park gargantuan SUVs along the street, then you can easily park a cargo van there, too. Ultimately, this means you can take your time unloading your stuff without worrying about your cargo vehicle eating up space on the street and causing neighborhood traffic jams.

4. Easier to Move Through Traffic 

Using cargo vans for moving is also a good idea because it enables you to move through traffic more effortlessly than you would if you drove a large moving truck. This is especially the case because most people aren’t accustomed to driving a large, commercial vehicle, and naturally tend to drive the truck more slowly than they would drive a smaller, more compact vehicle.

Most cargo vans are roughly the size of full-size family vans that contain three rows of seats, but with a little extra length on the back. If you have much experience driving a passenger van — or even a large SUV — you should feel pretty comfortable behind the wheel of one of our cargo vans. You can drive to your destination with the speed and confidence that you normally would.

5. Save Money on the Rental

The price of the rental vehicle is another reason to choose cargo vans for moving instead of box trucks. It isn’t uncommon for a box truck rental to cost you hundreds of dollars a day, not including a fee for each mile you drive. If you plan to move over the course of a few days instead of just one, the cost can really add up.

There are at least two reasons why renting a cargo van should cost less than renting a box truck. For one, maintaining a vehicle with a standard engine typically involves less overhead than maintaining a vehicle with a commercial engine.

Also, cargo vans are typically more cost effective because they have better fuel efficiency than large moving trucks, which means that you will pay far less for gas when operating or returning the vehicle.

Rent a Cargo Van for Your Move

Before you rent a box truck for a move to a new apartment, consider whether our cargo vans would better fit your needs in terms of space, rental cost, protecting cargo from damage, navigating through traffic, and finding a suitable parking space at your destination. Our cargo vans are clean, reliable, late-model Chevys that rent for some of the best prices in the industry. Call us today at (888) 826-5212 and ask us about our specials, or use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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