When you rent a van at Los Angeles based State Van Rental, you are assured a safe, reliable ride that is provided conveniently. Drop-off locations are not just scattered throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, but in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. If retrieving the vehicle from our headquarters doesn’t fit well with your schedule or plans, a State Van staff member can take the vehicle to you. Most Los Angeles van rentals cut corners and it shows. They possibly provide a van, but that is not to say that it is fully-equipped or versatile. But to rent a van in Los Angeles at State Van Rental is a satisfying experience, as each traveling party will find a van that exceeds their initial expectations.

Seven, 8, 12 and 15 passenger van rental in Los Angeles gives various-sized groups many options for comfort and security. Our Chrysler Town & Country is a 7 passenger vehicle with plenty of legroom and storage area. The Town & Country comes with under-seat storage compartments, and if some of the seats are not needed, the second row can be folded under for additional space. Our 15 passenger van is perfect for a large family or other traveling group. This vehicle also comes with a removable bench seat option. If you plan to rent a van in Los Angeles to transport goods rather than people, then State Van Rental suggests the Chevy Express Cargo van. The rear swing-out doors allows the customer to easily access his cargo once he reaches his drop-off location. Van rentals in Los Angeles don’t have to be priced high. When compared to other rental agencies, one will see that State Van Rental offers big vehicles at small prices.

For more information or to reserve a van, call State Van Rental today at 888-826-5212. The customer can also contact us online.

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