A number of well-known rock bands have roots in Las Vegas, including The Killers and Panic! At The Disco. For aspiring local musicians, Sin City has a special relationship with Los Angeles. Its fairly close proximity to the City of Angels allows up and coming musical acts to travel back and forth with relative ease, hoping to gain new followers in both towns. For most artists, travel costs present the biggest financial roadblock to expanding into unexplored markets. Fortunately, finding affordable vans for bands is easier than ever with State Van Rental!

State Van, a family-owned van rental business in Las Vegas, has earned a superb reputation for offering a wide variety of reasonably priced vans to touring bands. Whether you are looking for a large cargo van, full equipped conversion van or 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas, State Van is an established company with a solid customer base and an impressive fleet of well-maintained vehicles. We have two offices, in Vegas as well as Los Angeles, and have drop off locations at airports all across California (not to mention Phoenix and Vegas!).

When looking for a trustworthy company to do business with, one would be hard-pressed to find a better one for van rental in Las Vegas, NV than State Van. If you are interested in learning more about our competitively priced vans and other rental benefits, we encourage you to visit us online and search for rates with the help of the search function on our homepage.

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