The selection at State Van includes vans of a large number of sizes and styles. One of the most popular models that families request is the Toyota Sienna rental.

Families on the go could often turn to a compact when they’re just two parents, and three kids or fewer. We prefer the feel of van travel, however, and it seems a growing contingent of our clients do too. There’s nothing like the extra legroom, as well as the unmatched storage capacity of a van. When you’re taking a road trip, give State Van a call, and we’ll make sure we reserve a Toyota Sienna rental for you and your family.

Did you know that the Toyota Sienna, despite being owned by a Japanese company, is an American made automobile? It’s manufactured in Princeton Indiana, which is only one of many reasons American families are so loyal to this reliable and comfortable machine.

But families aren’t the only ones who enjoy traveling in these spacious vans. The Toyota Sienna is a great travel option for small athletic teams, bands and more. If you’re landing at your destination city, and then driving a fair distance to get where you’re going, reserve your Toyota Sienna rental, and when you land, just hop on a convenient free shuttle. We’ll whisk you off to your Toyota Sienna, and you’ll be on the highway in no time.

Toyota Sienna rental isn’t the only family-oriented choice at State Van. and Chevy van rental are available, along with many more van rental choices.

Give us a call at (702) 222-1223 or head to our contact page.

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