There are approximately 260 miles separating downtown Los Angeles from the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re able to dodge traffic, you can make it to the Gambling Capital of the World in roughly four hours, meaning there’s really no excuse not to make frequent treks to this glitzy desert paradise. It’s true that Vegas can be pricey, but if you play your cards right, you can definitely do it on a budget.

To begin, you can cut costs by finding a cheap van rental. Los Angeles to Vegas is actually a very fun ride that you can use to make lasting memories with family and friends! There are a million different ways to do Vegas, so no matter what your preference, you can have the time of your life without breaking the bank. The more money you save on your trip, the more often you can head back for even more fun!

For adults, there’s really no place more fun than fabulous Las Vegas! No matter what you enjoy doing and how you want to spend your trip, there are always more than a few things to meet your needs. The fun starts with a cheap van rental. Los Angeles is such a short drive, that you can visit multiple times per year, if you learn how to stick to a budget — and you don’t have to sacrifice an ounce of glitz or glamor to do it!

10 Tips to Save Money on Your Las Vegas Trip

Think there’s no way to go to Vegas without spending a ton of money? Well, be prepared to be proven wrong, as there are plenty of money-saving techniques that allow you to have lots of fun without emptying your wallet. Use these 10 tips to cut costs on your trip from LA to Vegas:

1.Visit When It’s Hot: Not surprisingly, Las Vegas gets really, really hot during the summer months. In fact, the average high in June is 100 degrees, 106 degrees in July and 103 degrees in August. If you can handle the heat, you’ll be rewarded with deep discounts at some of the city’s best hotels. Plus, all the good hotels — and even many of the not-so-great ones — have fantastic pools sure to cool you down. Also, as a general rule, Vegas is typically cheaper year-round on weekdays, so take a few days off work and have fun in the desert’s most glamorous city!

2.Rent a Van and Carpool with Friends: Save big by gathering a group of friends and pooling your funds for a cheap van rental. Los Angeles is so close to Vegas that it definitely makes sense to drive if you have a few others to help pay for gas and rental costs. It’s true that flying is faster, but road trips are definitely more fun! When your whole crew is in one vehicle, it’s much easier to plan your Sin City agenda and you can have a great time reliving your antics on the way home. Most hotels also offer free parking, making this decision even easier.

3.Bring Your Own Alcohol: If you’re over 21, there’s a good chance you’re probably planning to indulge in an adult beverage or two while you’re in Vegas. Not surprisingly, prices at Sin City bars are typically sky-high, but the open container law means you’re free to carry your own around The Strip. You won’t be able to carry outside beverages into restaurants and bars, but you will be able to bring them just about everywhere else. So stock up before you leave LA or head to a store outside Las Vegas before checking into your room.

4.Fill Up at Buffets: Las Vegas is legendary for its fabulous buffets. Take full advantage of this beloved phenomenon by heading to one for breakfast or brunch. If you do it up right, you won’t need to eat again until much later in the evening, allowing you to cut costs, without having to eat fast food. If you’ve never been to a Vegas buffet, prepare to be impressed as these glitzy smorgasbords are like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Feast on everything from delicious meats, to international cuisine and delicious desserts. Yes, they can get costly, but you can save money on the best buffets by purchasing passes from the half-price ticket kiosks and taking advantage deals like the Buffet of Buffets pass.

5.Join a Casino Rewards Program: Save big on everything from hotel rooms to buffet prices when you join a free casino rewards program, such as MLife or Total Rewards. You get rewarded for certain purchases at participating casinos and the more rewards you get, the higher your status — meaning even deeper savings and better perks. Open a free rewards account with multiple casino operators or stick to one and focus on racking up the points.

6.Buy Show Tickets Last Minute: No matter what you’re into, there are countless Vegas shows that are sure to pique your interest. In many cities, you need to reserve seats to prime shows weeks or even months in advance to ensure a seat, but it doesn’t typically work like that in Vegas, as most venues are enormous. Many companies, such as TKTS offer deep discounts on seats the day of or even the day before the show that you can find anywhere else. Plus, you’re still able to choose a price point for your tickets, so you won’t have to settle for an obstructed view or a seat in the last row of the house.

7.Spend Time Strolling the Strip: If you’ve never been to Vegas, you can easily spend an entire day or more wandering up and down Las Vegas Blvd. and checking out the sites. Each hotel/casino has a different theme and they’re all so fun to see! Take in the sites of Paris, visit the Venetian and the Palazzo for a taste of Italy, see the beautiful Caesar’s Palace, check out the chic Cosmopolitan and enjoy the sites of the Big Apple at New York New York. Even if you’ve visited Vegas dozens of times, you’ll never get tired of free street side attractions, such as the Bellagio fountains and the Mirage volcano.

8.Choose a Room with a Refrigerator: Most Vegas hotel rooms do not have refrigerators, but if you get a little savvy with your search, you’ll see that some, such as the sleek Vdara, do offer this luxury. Not only is this a great place to chill your adult beverages, it also makes it possible to store food, so you can enjoy a quick and cheap meal right in your room, without having to pay outrageous prices for something like light like a sandwich. Save your money up and splurge for a meal that’s really worth the money!

9.Take Advantage of Free Spa Time: Vegas spas are absolutely spectacular, but services like massages and facials don’t come cheap. A little known fact is that enjoying spa facilities, such as the steam room, sauna, relaxation lounge and fitness center are often included in your resort fee. For example, if you’re staying at Paris, you can enjoy the hotel’s large fitness center, then have a relaxing time in the sauna for absolutely no additional charge! It’s a great way to get refreshed after a night of partying, without the hefty price tag.

10.Stay Off-Strip: Most Vegas hotels are completely fabulous and many of them are not located right on Las Vegas Blvd. Those slightly off-strip are typically cheaper, allowing you to stretch your dollar a whole lot further. Most, if not all, have free shuttles to and from the strip, so you won’t even have to drive or spend money on a taxi. For example, the Orleans, the Palms and the Palace Station are all located just a little off The Strip, but they’re great options, so be sure to check prices at these spots.

Cheap Van Rental — Los Angeles to Vegas

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Have a fantastic trip without spending a fortune by using our company for a cheap van rental. Los Angeles is so close to Las Vegas that there’s no excuse not to be a frequent visitor! Give us a call today toll free at 888-826-5212 or 310-641-7000 for a price quote. You can also make a reservation online by visiting our website. Viva Las Vegas!

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