State Van, the name Los Angeles residents turn to when they need Full Size Van Rental in Los Angeles has established itself as the leader in providing Van rental in Las Vegas as well. While it might be true that the classic Las Vegas road trip involves a convertible muscle car, a van is the best way to fit in your entire family or tour group, and with State Van, the price is tiny when compared to that muscle car anyway.

The best provider of cargo van rental in Los Angeles knows that Las Vegas isn’t what it was in 1960. Sure those feather-clad dancers are still there, but the biggest audiences for something like that are spending a lot more these days, and getting quite an exciting show even if the Canadian circus tradition has elbowed out the classic Las Vegas showgirl a bit. But as long as you’re breaking the bank on entertainment, save big on your full size van rental in Las Vegas, and help your group travel to those big shows in comfort with smooth automatic transmission and air conditioning.

The best thing about 8 passenger conversion vans is the Vegas-style luxury they afford, with their entertainment centers, CD changers and leather seats. This is a city where anything you could possibly want is available in a moment at your hotel. Why should your Van Rental in Las Vegas be any different?

But in addition to the van conversion there are 7 passenger minivans, and larger 12 and 15 passenger models to fit your church organization, sports team, or even bachelor party. State Van has offered the best in Van Rental to San Francisco and fantastic Rental Vans at LAX. Las Vegas was the logical next step.

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