Rock and roll, singing groups, church groups, and other musicians all turn to State Van when they go on the road. Vans for bands are our specialty.

From high school rock groups, to traveling classical ensembles, to troupes of folk musicians and more, State Van has seen a wide variety of musician drivers have great experiences on the road in our vans for bands.

That’s partly because we love traveling musicians and provide so many vans for bands. In fact, we consider you and your band some of our most valuable customers, and we’ve taken steps toward making things more hospitable for you here at State Van. We offer a huge variety of storage and passenger capacities to meet your precise tour van rental needs. We also deal with clients on an individual basis because we know the needs of every band are different.


Some musicians travel in large groups of ten or more, while other rock groups, such as the now prototypical indie rock duo, are comprised of just two people. We offer massive 15 passenger vans for the former groups like wedding orchestras, perhaps. They’ll love the ample storage capacity, but seating will be more than sufficient. On the other hand, an indie rock duo would benefit from one of our cargo vans. Just sit in the front seats, and use all that room in the back for extra amplifiers. That’s how to get the most from your band van rental!

Moreover, we know that as musicians, you’re probably not thrilled about dealing with all the business people you face when you tour. Club managers and record executives can really trivialize your art, and make touring a chore. As a family-owned and operated company, we prefer to deal with bands like individuals, making sure your needs are met, and you’re able to tour happy, and do your best work out there on the road.

Give us a call toll free at 1-888-826-5212 or send us an email via our contact page.

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