Are you ready for ASD MARKETWeek 2016? If not, what are you waiting for? According to the event’s website, ASD MARKETWeek (a.k.a. ASD Las Vegas 2016) “brings the world’s widest variety of merchandise together in one efficient consumer-goods trade show”. The event is also “loaded with quality choices at every price point [and] continues to grow, attracting tens of thousands of loyal attendees from every retail and distribution channel, who want to discover new suppliers, new product categories, and new ways to profit.”

Slated to run from February 28 to March 2, ASD Las Vegas 2016 features nine shows in one. Over the course of the event, retailers who are in the market for wholesale purchases of products will look to make affordable purchases that help grow the bottom line. The event will also give retailers a nice look at competing products to see how their own inventories measure up.

Nine Shows in One

To say that ASD Las Vegas 2016 offers something for practically every retailer is an understatement. The event’s nine shows feature hundreds of products that range from cosmetics to cleaning solvents. Exhibitors and attendees alike can get the most from this one-of-a-kind experience with an affordable van rental. You can travel with your entire group, explore the sights at your leisure, and still have plenty of room in the van for all of your merchandise.

If you do plan to attend this exciting event, getting the most from it will also require seeing the right shows in terms of product focus. With that in mind, let’s take some time to break down the nine shows and look at what they have to offer.

1. Gift + Home

This show features a broad range of products that make great gifts and home furnishings. If your business is firmly positioned in the gifts and home furnishings markets, and you sell gifts and souvenirs, licensed merchandise, holiday/seasonal merchandise, products for the home, or a combination of these items, this is definitely one of the nine shows you shouldn’t miss.

2. Fashion + Accessories

This show features fashion and fashion accessory products that are organized under the umbrellas of accessories, apparel and shoes. Find gender specific accessories, seasonal apparel, tons of shoes for ladies and guys, and much more. If your customer base is comprised of fashion horses, this is one show you shouldn’t miss.


3. Toys + Novelties

At this show, you’ll find toys, puzzles, games and novelties in various price ranges for a variety of age groups. Toys and novelties tend to lose their appeal to customers pretty fast; the next big thing is always coming down the pipe. This is a show where you can find the next big thing — and perhaps more than one — for your customers to rave about.

4. Beauty + Fragrance

If you sell beauty and/or fragrance products, this show should definitely be on your itinerary. Numerous products that are categorized under cosmetics, nail and hair, styling tools, fragrance and spa equipment and treatments will be on display. With spring and summer on the way, now is a good time for retailers to refresh their lines of beauty and fragrance products.

5. Smoke + Vape

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming as popular as their tobacco counterparts. Whether you run a vape shop or simply sell nice vaping products in your convenient store or general store, this show will broaden the horizon of your vaping product inventory. Products on display will include various types of vaping devices, e-liquids, lighters and herbal supplements.

6. Convenience Store

If you operate a convenience store, this show is for you. Convenience stores have different demographics based their location, and this show presents a wide variety of products that applies to practically every convenience store in one way or another. Adult novelties, herbal supplements, travel size products, e-cigarettes and energy drinks are just a few of the many product categories that will be on display.

7. General Store

In addition to targeting convenience store owners, ASD Las Vegas 2016 also caters to owners of general stores. Some of the high-selling products you can choose for your store include automotive products, electronics and accessories, camping and outdoor recreation equipment, dollar store items, office and school supplies, and home improvement equipment. This show figures to have more products on display than any other.

8. SourceDirect at ASD

As its name implies, SourceDirect connects retailers with opportunities to buy direct from manufacturers. SourceDirect products on display will include: fashion accessories, housewares, gifts and toys, apparel, affordable footwear, holiday and seasonal merchandise, souvenirs and novelties, consumer electronics, bedding and bath, and health and beauty, just to name a few.

9. Cash & Carry (Jewelry + Gifts to Go)

This show focuses on jewelry and gifts to go (e.g., premade gift baskets) within the context of cash & carry, which — as the name suggests — involves cash payment without delivery. In other words, you pay for the goods in cash and then retrieve the items immediately. This is a great chance for retailers to buy outright for exceptional discounts, but if you’re planning to buy in bulk, you’ll probably want to rent a quality cargo van to help you transport your acquisitions.

State Van Rental — Getting Your There Together

If you’ll be traveling to ASD Las Vegas 2016 with family, friends or a team of business colleagues, and you want a single vehicle that accommodates the whole group, State Van Rental has a vehicle just for you. We offer late model passenger vans that comfortably seat 7, 8, 12 or 15 passengers, with luxury appointments available for the 15-passenger model. We even offer optional Wi-Fi, GPS, and FasTrak, ensuring that your journey is equipped with all of the best conveniences.

Pick up your van when you arrive at the Las Vegas Airport (LAS) for ASD Las Vegas 2016, then drop the vehicle off at the same location when it’s time to fly home — it’s that simple. If you’re planning on driving to the event from L.A. (an exciting trip that we highly recommend), you can also visit us at our location near L.A.X. To get the best value, call us today at (888) 826-5212 or (310) 641-7000, and ask about our specials. We look forward to providing you with a safe, reliable, comfortable vehicle for your journey to ASD Las Vegas 2016!

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