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HAND CONTROL – We are happy to announce we have hand controls available upon prior request for those customers who may need them.

ACTIVE MILITARY – We are proud of, and thankful to, all active military personnel. In appreciation, we like to extend 10% discount on rates. Please inquire with our offices for details.

Who We Are

Serving our communities since 2009, State Van Rental specializes in passenger van rental and cargo van rental. Established in Los Angeles near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), State Van Rental has grown from its small beginnings to multiple branches across multiple States. It all started with a handful of 15 passenger Chevy Express Vans in Los Angeles near LAX. Gradually, minivans such as: Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey, 8 passenger minivans were added to the fleet; as well as Cargo vans. Within a short period, van rental operations were expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada. Located just before entrance to the McCarran International Airport (LAS), our branch in Las Vegas has ever since provided passenger van rental service to Las Vegas Airport travelers as well as the local communities. The new team at State Van Rental took over the reins in 2014 and have continued making improvements in all aspects of operations; including customer service, technological improvement, and vehicle conditions. The improvements came as new leadership realigned company objectives to focus efforts, making customer service the highest goal as well as maintaining very high level of vehicle condition and performance. Over the years we have expanded our services to include corporate rentals, sports teams and tourist groups, as well as local, State, and government rentals.

What We Do

State Van Rental simply specializes in passenger van and cargo van rentals. We offer short term passenger van rental as well as short- and long-term passenger and cargo van rental. Whether you are traveling into Los Angeles Airport or Las Vegas Airport, you will be picked up by our shuttle from the Airport Rental Car Depot. Local renters can either pick up their vehicles at our offices, or we can both deliver and pick up the rental vehicle(s) at pre-determined location against a delivery fee depending on your desired location. We also offer coverages and protections; such as Collision Damage Waiver (which covers damages to our vans), Rental Liability Protection (which covers 3rd party liability protection); as well as Personal Property Protection, Supplemental Liability Coverage [Please see our Coverage Page for more details]. Furthermore, we offer rental of Hotspot WiFi so you can have internet on-the-go; Toll Pass so you can breeze through all toll roads without worrying about fees and charges; Child Seats for all ages and sizes; as well as GPS Navigation so you can concentrate more on driving than reading maps. Our unequivocally primary goal is customer service. We understand that each travel need is unique, even more so for larger groups. We therefore focus on providing a tailored rental experience for each and every customer, ensuring your rental needs are met to your satisfaction. Whether you need multiple vehicles, need them delivered or picked up at your location, or need a longer rental; we make sure your transportation goals are met, so you can concentrate on other matters.

Van Rental Steps

We have streamlined our renting procedures to make the process as smooth as possible, while making sure you are well informed of all you need to know. To ensure we provide the best service, we’ll need to know the following:

  • Location and date of your pickup and return – so we can find the best rate for you
  • Time of your reservation – so we can ensure your vehicle is ready (and if after-hour arrangements are needed)
  • Number of people and luggage – so we can choose the best vehicle and seat arrangement for you
  • Travel Plan/Itinerary – so we can give you the best mileage package

Given above, we’ll be able to provide you with pricing and make and confirm your reservation. Once your passenger van reservation is in place, we’ll set about ensuring your rental is customized to your needs. In order to best do that, we’ll need the following information

  • Flight Information (If arriving at Airport) – so we can guide you how to reach our office and arrange for shuttle pick up
  • Proof of Coverage – If you plan on using your own insurance. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase coverage from us. Please note that many insurances do not cover rental cars; and even if they do, it does not cover full-size vans.
  • After-Hour pickup or return – so can ensure you have provided us with proper documentation prior to your pick up; and/or have instructions on what to do for return of the rental van


From Hollywood to Disneyland, State Van Rental is Here to Jump Start the Magic.


We offer the most competitive and affordable rental rates in the market. Towards that goal,
below please find the most pertinent information:

No Hidden Fees Policy

Mileage Charge

Rental Day




Taxes and Fees

Deposit Requirements

Types Of Vehicles Available

15 Passenger Vans

12 Passenger Vans

Cargo Vans

8 Passenger Cars

Full Size Cars

Compact Cars

Van Return Policy

Once you are ready to return your rental van, you should consider the following: Make sure you have a copy of your “check-out sheet”(paper and/or electronic format) Remember to fill up fuel so you don’t incur State Van Rental per gallon fee If you don’t have time to fill up fuel, no worries. Just let our agents know and they’ll be able to give an estimate based on how much fuel you need

If you need to catch a flight, make sure you give yourself ample time, as return procedures may cause delays especially during high season/busy days. If you have a large number of people/luggage in your group, it is often advisable to drop off the rest of your team at the airport; return the vehicle to our office, after which our shuttle/vehicle will drop you off at the airport.

You are responsible to return the vehicle to our office. Should you need to return it elsewhere, you must make prior arrangement with our offices.

Vans need to be returned in the same condition as they were when picked up. You do not need to wash the vehicle. However, you will be charged cleaning fee of up to $250.00 should the van be excesively dirty. Please note that a smoking fee of up to $350 will be charged, should the van smell of any smoke, such as cigarette or marijuana.


Whether You Are Going to the Casino or the Grand Canyon, Let State Van Rental Start Your Adventure


Contact Us

TOLL FREE – (888) 315 6888
LOS ANGELES DIRECT – (310) 641-7000 – lax@statevan.com
LAS VEGAS DIRECT – (702) 222-1223 – las@statevan.com

For all group, corporate, and government inquiries; please contact our Sales Manager:

EMAIL – Corp@statevan.com
PHONE – (424) 291-3250

For all tickets, tolls, claims, and accounts payable, please contact Administrator:

EMAIL – admin@statevan.com
DIRECT – (424) 291-3257

For inquiries regarding vans for sale, please contact our Fleet Manager:

EMAIL – fleet@statevan.com
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