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At State Van Rental, transporting your group from point A to point B takes more than just a great vehicle. With our van rental options, you can customize your experience as you travel throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Renters can enjoy vans and cars equipped with all the necessary amenities for every trip.

Make sure your rental van is everything you need it to be with our customizable add-ons. You’ll be checking off your to-do list with our all-inclusive service. Discover what we can do to make your transportation even better with the following products and services.


Free service


Let our agents know if there will be additional drivers, as additional fees may apply.


Should you cancel within 3 days of your pickup date, a cancellation fee is charged equivalent to one-day rental. During high season, or in the event of two or more reservations, you will be charged the entire rental.


We offer all sizes of child seats and boosters. Please note that it is your responsibility to determine which size is the best fit for your child(ren).


This waiver covers any damages to our vehicle beyond the deductible amount. It is important to know this cover does NOT cover: roof damage, any glass or tire damage, any person or property inside or outside of the vehicle.


Fastrak provides peace of mind for all tolls in CALIFORNIA. By paying a small daily fee, you can rest easy not worrying about paying tolls on the road or online.


Provides a GPS navigation system with up-to-date maps for a daily fee.


Enables you to stay connected throughout the trip. Daily charges apply.


You can park your personal vehicle while renting a van from us. Daily charges apply.


We deliver and/or collect your rental van(s) to/from you. Charges vary


Additional non-refundable mileage to use beyond our free mileage policy.


This coverage protects you for 3rd party claims. It’s important to note, this coverage does NOT cover our vehicle or anyone/anything inside our van.


Should you need one or more rows of seats removed. A one-time fee applies.


If you are between 21 to 25 years of age, there will be a daily underage fee applied. We do not rent to anyone under 21 years.

What Sets Us Apart

Along with our additional services, State Van Rental provides an unmatched customer experience. Renting one of our vans or cars gives you a flexible schedule. Whether you’re touring Las Vegas with your bridal party or taking your church group on a field trip, our vehicles offer the comfort and convenience of personal transportation.

Book your trip around Los Angeles or Las Vegas with one of our vehicles, and you can enjoy:

  • Excellent customer service: We know planning a vacation means connecting many dots. Our customer support team is happy to answer any of your questions before, during and after you book. Let us know what we can do for you, and we’ll work to give you the best rental vehicle experience.
  • Variety of van rental options: Our fleet of 8-, 12- and 15-seat vehicles make an excellent addition to any road trip, workplace retreat or weekend getaway. Choose from our compact cars or cargo vans for specific transportation needs.
  • No hidden fees: You get transparent, affordable pricing when you book with State Van Rental. Our coverages and fees are easy to understand and won’t surprise you when you return your vehicle.
  • Vehicles delivered to your door: You might not know how to get to our pick-up location. We offer van rentals delivered to your door near Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Let us know where to drop it off, and we’ll get it to you on time.
  • Customizable travel: Choose from any of our customizable extras listed above to ensure you have everything you need. Additional services include seat removals, Fastrak and child seats. Fees may apply.


Call Now for Van Rentals Delivered to Your Door

When you book with us, you enjoy personalized transportation. Add any of our extra services or protect your trip with our various coverage plans so you can ride with peace of mind. Enjoy all California and Nevada have to offer with the convenience of a rental van or car — let us know where you plan to start your trip, and we can have your van rental delivered to your door near Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

Book from our fleet of van rental options, and you’ll have the trip of a lifetime. Reserve a van online or contact us today to begin your next journey.



From Hollywood to Disneyland, State Van Rental is Here to Jump Start the Magic.


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