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Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Choose a rental vehicle from a dependable company in an accessible part of the city. State Van Rental has 12 and 15 seat passenger vans, minivans and cars for groups of nearly any size. 

Our Las Vegas branch is less than a quarter-mile from Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) — formerly McCarran International Airport. After arriving at the Las Vegas airport, many travelers pick up a rental vehicle to help them move through the city. Though the size of your group can present challenges when choosing a vehicle, vans can offer a neat solution.

State Van Rental offers complimentary pick-up and drop-off services for our clients flying in or out of LAS. Learn more about our rental options below.

McCarran International Airport Van Rentals in Las Vegas

This large public airport in Paradise, Nevada, is used for military and civilian landings from all over the world, making it one of Las Vegas’ busiest airports. With two terminals and ninety-two gates, it is well-equipped for handling its routinely heavy influx of traffic. Once you land in Paradise, you’ll quickly realize how convenient it is to have a rental already available as a quick escape from the crowded hub of excited visitors.

Vehicles for Groups of All Sizes

We have plenty of flexible reservation options for your group, whether you want a vehicle for the day, the weekend or for a number of weeks — plus prices that beat the rest. Our 12- and 15-seat passenger vans provide the space and comfortable transportation for families, bands, road trippers and business or church groups. We also fill our lot with comfortable, fuel-efficient cars that work great for individuals and small groups.

If you’re looking for a vehicle to help with your business needs during your busy season, our cargo vans are the perfect option. 

Las Vegas Passenger Van & Car Rentals 

The State Van Rental fleet is full of spacious and well-maintained vans for groups of all sizes. We’ll get to know a little bit about your travel plans to help you choose the right van for the job:

  • Eight-passenger minivans: Small groups will find plenty of space to sit comfortably and stow all of their luggage in our four-door minivans, so choose one of our Kida Sedonas, Honda Odysseys or Toyota Siennas. 
  • 12-passenger vans: 12-seat van is great for mid-sized groups or smaller groups carrying lots of luggage. Whether you’re traveling to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, enjoy the convenience of a sliding-door van like the Ford Transit, Chevy, Express or Chevy Express Extended. 
  • 15-passenger vans: Groups of up to 15 people can travel comfortably in one of our large vans like the Chevy Express or Ford Transit Wagon. 
  • Cargo vans: Does your group need more storage? A Chevy Express, Dodge Ram ProMaster or GMC Savana cargo van is the best solution for extra space. 
  • Compact cars: Cruise through Las Vegas in a sporty hatchback with an exceptional amount of cargo space. The Kia Forte5 seats five passengers.
  • Full-size cars: Our full-size cars are roomier options for those looking for the mobility of a sedan. Our Toyota Camrys seat up to five people comfortably.

Benefits of LAS Van Rental

Whether you and your fellow travelers decide to get a 12 passenger van rental at the Las Vegas airport or another type of rental, the benefits are numerous:

  • Save money as a group: You can split the costs of traveling more easily when you ride in the same vehicle.
  • Gas up one vehicle only: Having only one vehicle makes traveling easy and reduces the overall fuel costs you would pay if you used multiple vehicles.
  • Save wear and tear on your personal vehicles: Using a rental helps keep your own mileage down and keeps potential maintenance costs at bay.
  • Keep your group together: If your group is large enough to need more than one passenger car and small enough that a bus seems like overkill, a van is just the right size.
  • Make the trip more enjoyable: Traveling together makes it more fun and convenient to journey to your intended destinations.
  • Have personal space: The high ceilings and amount of room on a passenger van mean enough space to relax away from the public and just the right amount of room to store your luggage.
  • Explore at your own pace: Taking public transit requires staying on a specific route or paying for a trip to and from precise locations. Las Vegas is a huge city with lots to see — riding in a van is a great option for sightseeing at a slower pace.

Tips for Picking Up Your Van After Flying Into LAS

State Van Rentals is located less than a quarter-mile from the McCarran International Airport, making it easy to pick up your van as soon as you land. Reservation options are flexible, with after-hours pickup available for a small fee. Our complimentary personalized pickup and drop-off services help simplify the process.

Below are some tips for streamlining the rental process:

  • Do a headcount before the trip: If you’ve booked a 15 passenger van rental at the Las Vegas airport, make sure you have a maximum of 15 passengers signed up. Rather than renting a van for more than 15 passengers and expecting some people to cancel, it’s best to look for a transportation option that can accommodate everyone in your group.
  • Set up a rental pickup online: While airports typically have stations for setting up a rental order, they’re usually crowded. Using the rental company’s website instead can help your group jump straight to the head of the line once you land in Las Vegas.
  • Print a copy of your rental information: You’ll receive an outline of your rental process when you order. It’s best to print this information to carry with you or ensure you can access it on your phone when you arrive to pick up your rental.
  • Call the company directly if you need help: It’s best to get in contact with the rental company directly if you need help with an order. While the representatives at the airport’s service counters can assist to an extent, you will have to wait in line to speak with them.
  • Take the shuttle service out of the airport if needed: If you aren’t waiting on a pickup, you can take the shuttle service to Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 before you go to find your rental. However, it’s best to choose a company like State Van Rentals that will pick up your group at the airport free of charge.

Rent a Van From State Van Rental

When you visit Las Vegas with State Van Rental, we’ll provide you with an impressive experience. Renting one of our vehicles will make your travel fun and relaxed while keeping your group together the entire time. Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding availability, vehicle options and mileage packages reservations. We encourage you to contact us online to discuss your travel plans or reserve a vehicle today!


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