12-Passenger Van Rentals

12-Passenger Van

12-Passenger Van Rentals

Any group trip can be an amazing experience, especially when you have a solid plan for transportation as you arrive in a new city. If you’re flying into Las Vegas or Los Angeles with a group, a 12-passenger van will ensure you can transport everyone in your group and all of their belongings with ease.

State Van Rental has two convenient locations at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) where you can pick up a spacious 12-passenger rental van. We equip our fleet with reliable passenger vans from the manufacturers you know and trust to ensure a smooth group travel experience throughout your trip. State Van Rental is committed to getting you there together, so reserve your 12-passenger van today.

Why Rent a 12-Passenger Van?

Wondering if a 12-passenger van is right for your group trip to Las Vegas? These vehicles provide a few benefits that make them ideal choices for groups of 12 or fewer people. From family vacations to religious retreats, sports trips, corporate getaways and more, a 12-passenger van can be the ideal transportation solution. Learn more about the reasons why you should rent a 12-passenger van for your trip to Los Angeles.


A 12-passenger van will lend all the space you need for comfortable travel. Entering and exiting the vehicle is easy, and everyone in your group will have a comfortable place to sit. Smaller groups can benefit from the additional luggage space 12-passenger vans provide, too. Larger groups can enjoy extra cargo space with an Extended model. Choose a 12-passenger van to make the journey as pleasant as the destination.

Cost Savings

Travel fees add up fast when you consider fuel, parking and tolls — especially when everyone in your group has to pay individually. Renting a 12-passenger van will enable your group to consolidate expenses for a more affordable trip.


Any group trip is better when everyone knows the itinerary and sticks to it. Your group will have plenty of time to get on the same page when riding together in a 12-passenger van. Plus, you’ll all arrive at the same time everywhere you go.

Time Spent Together

At the end of the day, group trips are all about learning and exploring together. Rental vans open new opportunities for your group to get to know each other and form lasting bonds.

12-Passenger Van Models

The State Van Rental fleet comprises numerous 12-passenger van models from dependable American manufacturers like Chevy and Ford. Every vehicle comes with the features and amenities you expect, like air conditioning, automatic transmission and AM/FM radios. Most units include Bluetooth compatibility.

Chevy Express and Express Extended

The Chevy Express has two front seats and multiple back rows to fit 12 people in total. These vans feature either sliding or barn passenger doors on one side, plus trunk doors that swing open. Extended models feature spacious rear storage compartments for up to seven bags. You can transport your group confidently in a Chevy Express with side-impact and side-curtain airbags for your protection. We also offer the longer Chevy Express Extended for extra storage space.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit 12-passenger van is a roomy vehicle with a sleek modern design and tinted windows. These vans accommodate up to 12 passengers and one to two bags. The side-impact and side-curtain airbags ensure peace of mind everywhere you drive.

Add-Ons for Your Rental Van

State Van Rental offers extra options that will make your group trip even more enjoyable. Enhance your 12-passenger van with perks like Hotspot Wi-Fi, toll pass modules and GPS tracking systems that are available for a daily fee. We also offer options like child seats and seat removal for a one-time charge.

Our Rental Process

Renting a 12-passenger van from State Van Rental is as easy as submitting an online request. We’ll gather some information about your trip to help you determine the right vehicle and plan when you’ll pick it up and drop it off. We have free shuttle services to take you from LAX or LAS to our Los Angeles and Las Vegas locations.

When you arrive, present your photo I.D., the credit card used to reserve the van and your proof of coverage to receive your keys. Please return your vehicle within one hour of your return time to avoid being charged an additional day. We ask that renters refuel their vans and remove any garbage before returning the vehicle. We also offer vehicle delivery and pick-up services if that’s more convenient for you than visiting our offices.

Do You Need a Special License to Drive a 12-Passenger Van?

The need for a specialized license varies by state and circumstance. For further information, please call our team at (888)-315-6888 or send an email to info@statevan.com.

Choose State Van Rental for 12-Passenger Vans

State Van Rental is here to help you make the most of every trip, so choose one of our 12-passenger vans when you visit Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Our vehicles are comfortable, clean and dependable, and we maintain them beyond industry and manufacturer recommendations.

We offer affordable rental and mileage fees for all customers, plus additional discounts if you’re active-duty military personnel or a AAA member. Our fees are always transparent so you know exactly how much you’ll expect to pay as you reserve your 12-passenger van. Count on State Van Rental to take you further for your dollar and help you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Reserve a 12-Passenger Van Today

State Van Rental is here to give you the mobility you need for a memorable trip to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. With two convenient offices near LAS and LAX, you can connect with us at a time and location that fits your itinerary.

We encourage you to reserve a van before your trip or contact us online for further information. Find the right transportation rental for your next group adventure with State Van Rental and you’ll enjoy the trip in style and comfort!


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