Rentals for Religious and Spiritual Groups


Community-building is one of the most rewarding aspects of faith, so travel in a way that encourages more time spent together. State Van Rental offers van rentals for religious groups in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We have stations at Harry Reid International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. Whether you’re attending a worship event, touring an important religious site, visiting a temple or embarking on a retreat, State Van Rental has the means to take you where you need to go.

Reasons to Use a Church Rental Van

Traveling as a group opens opportunities for spiritual growth to more members of your community. State Van Rental rents vehicles to religious groups of all practices and sizes. Choose one of our vehicles to transport your group to any of the following events or locations in Los Angeles or Las Vegas:


  • Worship concerts
  • Holy places
  • Youth group events
  • Religious retreats
  • Mission trips 
  • And more

Whether you’re making a day trip or planning a week-long retreat, State Van Rental has the fleet to accommodate your group and take you everywhere you want to go.


Benefits of Choosing a Van Rental for Religious Travel

There are plenty of reasons to choose a rental van for your religious organization’s trip:

  • Simplicity: When you travel together in a rental van, you’ll have plenty of time together to discuss the day’s itinerary. Plus, everyone will arrive at your destination at the same time. The simplicity van rentals bring will lead to a smooth, well-organized trip. 
  • Community: Taking a road trip with your religious group is an excellent opportunity for community members to expand their relationships and strengthen bonds. 
  • Serenity: Rental vans put groups together in one comfortable vehicle. You’ll worry less about parking or crowding, leading to a more peaceful trip.
  • Affordability: When you travel in one vehicle, your group will save money on fuel, parking, tolls and more. Offering an affordable way to join your group will encourage more people to come along and split the fees. 
  • Versatility: Every congregation is different. Your group’s size may even vary from trip to trip. When you rent a van, you can choose the right vehicle for the number of people attending your religious outing. Whether you need a small car for two to four people or multiple 15-person vans, renting unlocks the versatility you need.


How it Works

If you’re planning a trip with your congregation, State Van Rental makes it easy to solidify your transportation. Whether you’re from the local area or are flying in from out of town, you can follow a few simple steps to rent one of our vehicles. Learn more about how you can reserve your vehicle online.

1. Schedule a Pickup Time

If you’re flying into Los Angeles or Las Vegas, tell us your flight information so we’ll have your vehicle ready and provide the directions you’ll need to find us. If you’re local, you can select a time to pick up your vehicle at our office or have us deliver it to your church.

2. Choose Your Vehicle Type

Our fleet contains everything from compact cars to 15-passenger vans. Tell us the number of people and the amount of luggage you intend to bring so we can help you determine the best vehicle or vehicles for your trip.

3. Choose a Mileage Package

We have pre-paid, post-paid and unlimited mileage options. Discuss your itinerary with us to see which package suits your trip. 

4. Complete Your Registration

We’ll use your information to provide a transparent rental price. A 50% deposit is necessary a week in advance for two or more vehicles.

5. Return Your Vehicle

At the end of your trip, either drop your vehicle off at our station or schedule a pickup time. We ask that you return your vehicle with a full fuel tank. Return times come with a one-hour grace period.


Things to Consider Before Renting

While planning a trip with your religious group is a lot of work, a rental vehicle from State Van Rental simplifies the process. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose your vehicle: 


  • Duration and distance: You can pay by the mile or pre-pay for a modest discount after your first 200 miles per day. Our unlimited mileage offering is available if you stay within California or Nevada.
  • Size needs: Our vans are available for eight, 12 or 15 passengers. Renting more than one van is advantageous for larger groups.  
  • Location: We have stations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, so consider the proximity to your final destination when deciding where to pick up your rental. 
  • Budget: We offer mileage packages and amenities options to fit any travel budget. Our team can help you determine the best option for your price range. 
  • Coverage: Renters will need either proof of liability overage or to purchase coverage through State Van Rental.


State Van Rental is your best source for a rental vehicle when traveling to Las Vegas or Los Angeles for a religious outing. We have a versatile fleet that can get any small or large group to its destination. Our 12 and 15-passenger vans offer all the space your group will need, plus convenient amenities like HotSPot Wi-Fi, FasTrak transponders, GPS navigation and more. Our vans are clean and comfortable. Plus, we maintain each vehicle above and beyond recommendations from the manufacturer and others around the industry. 

In addition to a comfortable, smooth travel experience, State Van Rental goes the extra mile to make renting a spacious vehicle affordable for religious groups. We offer low rates with full transparency so you know how much you’ll pay. Discounts for active-duty military personnel and AAA members are available to make group travel even more affordable.

Why State Van Rental?

Book a Chruch Van in Los Angeles or Las Vegas

Ready for a fulfilling trip ripe with opportunities for your religious community to grow closer and foster deeper spiritual connections? State Van Rental is here to make group travel easy so you can enjoy your destination. Getting you there together is our specialty, so reserve a vehicle from State Van Rental today.


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