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Drive with confidence. We disinfect 15+touchpoints on our cars before and after you drive. We ensure our vans are 100% freshly sterilized.



One-Way Rentals & Deliveries, Personal & Business Rentals. We’re always upfront of all and any fees before any charges go through!



Our vans are maintained beyond manufacturer recommendations to give you get the safest and best driving experience.



We offer long-term van rentals for businesses. Whether it’s your busy season or your vehicle is down, we have the commercial van rentals you need.



Our 12- and 15-passenger van rentals are the perfect solution when traveling to a business event or team building activity.



Ask about our seating configurations to support your business van rental needs. We have the option to remove seats to provide room for conference supplies or additional luggage.

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    About Commercial Van Rentals

    Reliable transportation is essential for any trip, especially when you’re away on business. At State Van Rentals, we have a long track record of providing reliable car and van rentals to companies that need transportation solutions. When your business depends on it, count on our fleet of up-to-date and well-maintained rental vehicles.

    Businesses have used our vans to cover their busy season, transport guests from a hotel, or while working with large groups of people.

    Rent From 2 Convenient Locations

    Los Angeles

    Our Los Angeles location offers passenger van rentals only 10 minutes from the Los Angeles Airport. Our location makes it easy to reach your conference center or business hotel. 

    Las Vegas

    Our Las Vegas location is also a quick drive to Harry Reid International Airport. It’s approximately a quarter of a mile from the airport, making it easy to pick up your Las Vegas passenger van rental

    Types of Van Rentals for Business Use

    Whether you want to rent a van for a business trip or need a day-to-day workhorse, the State Van Rentals has options for you. Our customer rentals serve corporate and government rentals, delivery services and non-profit organizations. Check out our fleet to find the right van for your corporate getaway or business needs.

    12- to 15-Passenger Vans

    We offer an expansive selection of large passenger vans that comfortably seat 12 to 15 people. Rent one for a smaller team or reserve several to ensure your entire company rides comfortably. 

    Our Vegas and LAX 12-passenger rental vans include:

    • Chevy Express.
    • Chevy Express Extended.
    • Ford Transit.

    You can also find 15-passenger van rentals in Vegas and LAX, including:

    • Chevy Express.
    • Ford Transit.

    Cargo Van Rentals

    Our cargo van business rentals are perfect for whatever job you need to get done. Transport equipment, furniture or even supplies for your non-profit organization using one of our cargo vans and you’ll be satisfied with the space and quality. Our vans provide two seats for a driver and passenger and plenty of room for your cargo.

    Cargo van models in Los Angeles and Las Vegas include options such as:

    • Chevy Express.
    • Dodge ProMaster.
    • GMC Savana.

    8-Passenger Vans

    Our fleet of mini-vans is perfect for moderate-sized group travel, comfortably seating up to eight people. We regularly update and service our mini-vans to provide you with a smooth and efficient ride.

    Our mini-van rental options include vehicles from top makers, such as the:

    • Toyota Sienna.
    • Honda Odyssey.
    • Kia Sedona.

    Car Rentals

    If you’re embarking on a solo outing or have a smaller business group, a commercial car rental might be a better fit for you. If that’s the case, we’ll help you find the best vehicle for the job. We offer two choices for your business car rental needs — the Toyota Camry, our full-sized option, and our compact Kia Forte.

    Our Toyota Camry is rated as one of the best sedans available, with a five-star rating in safety and reliability. Great on gas and featuring plenty of legroom, this car is a great option for a quick business trip. Our Kia Forte is another superior option for you with its large trunk and comfortable interior.

    Why Should You Rent a Commercial Van With State Van Rental?

    We’ve specialized in short-term and long-term business van rentals since 2009. Our fleet includes everything from 12- to 15-passenger vans to cargo vans and car rentals. With several options for different needs, we’ll help you succeed in your business travels.

    As the top van rental solution in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on the benefits that set us apart. When you partner with us, you’ll know your van will be clean and sanitized every time you drive. We disinfect over 15 contact points before and after driving to ensure our vans are 100% sterilized. We also ensure that our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and adequately maintained beyond the manufacturer’s standards.

    At State Van Rental, we’re here for you. Our community-oriented focus and energetic team help us provide a personalized service to each of our renters. What you see is what you get with our affordable rates and competitive prices. We’re always upfront about fees before you see any charges and we maintain complete transparency with our standard pricing.

    Additional Advantages of Renting a Commercial Van

    When you choose any vehicle from our rental fleet, you’ll have confidence that it’ll meet all of your business needs. Still looking for more? Consider selecting any of our additional perks available for an extra daily fee. These features include Wi-Fi hotspots, toll pass modules and GPS navigation. Our airport pickup service can also shuttle you and your company to your vans as soon as you land.

    Reserve Your Business Van Rental Today

    At State Van Rental, we’re committed to providing you with the dependable commercial vehicle rentals for any of your business endeavors. Our van fleets have you covered, from corporate outings and non-profit trips to transporting materials.

    Call us at (888) 315-6888 or contact us online to learn more about our van rentals, or reserve your vehicle on our website today. We’ll help you get where you’re going, together.


    “The experience at State Van Rental was wonderful, the staff was very knowledgeable and fast. I would recommend this company to my friends and co-workers. The rental process was fast and easy.”

    Peter G.

    “I received amazing customer service from Bob at the Las Vegas location. He was very helpful, professional and fully committed to helping on short notice. I’ll be doing business with State Van in the future and look forward to it!”

    Francesca G.

    “Absolutely, without a doubt, the best experience I’ve had renting a vehicle. My family (party of 8) traveled to Disneyland in May of 2018 and needed a van to get us all around. I will not hesitate to use these folks again and highly recommend them!”

    Ellyn B.


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