Sports Team Van Rentals

Renting a passenger van to transport your sports team can provide more benefits compared to traditional methods. For groups that typically use large, yellow school buses to travel, vans can offer higher comfort levels and more amenities, like Wi-Fi and GPS navigation. In addition, van rentals provide the opportunity to travel together as one unit.

At State Van Rental, we offer affordable rental rates for some of the most well-maintained vehicles available. Our selection contains multiple vehicle options to meet your sports team’s seating and cargo requirements. We’re the most practical choice for your van rental needs if you’re in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas areas or anywhere in between.


When Should You Consider Renting a Van for Your Sports Team?

One of the most significant benefits of renting passenger vans for sporting events is their versatility. Using a transit bus for smaller teams with fewer than a dozen players can be more than what’s needed. Conversely, large groups can use multiple vans to ensure a more relaxed trip than some conventional options.

Several practical uses for sports teams renting passenger vans include:

  • Away games: While some athletics teams look forward to traveling far distances to face their biggest rivals, they must contend with finding transportation to the away team’s facility first. Vans are much more economical than traveling in multiple cars. More importantly, they let your players stay relaxed and loose on trips that take several hours.
  • Tournaments: League tournaments are some of the most memorable times people experience as athletes. Sometimes special-event tourneys require interstate travel, and there’s no better way to get there than a passenger van. Many of these tournaments have plenty of advance notice, allowing your team ample time to book a rental van and plan accordingly.
  • Group trips: One of the best ways for players to bond is by taking special trips outside of their games, whether they visit a major league ballpark, a museum or a professional football stadium. Vans are the best way to reach these venues, as they offer much more efficient and comfortable sports team travel.
  • Fans: Group travel to sporting events can include more individuals than just the players. When a sports club competes in the playoffs, their hometown fans may want to travel far distances to cheer them on. Passenger vans are a practical choice, giving fans the chance to spend quality time together and arrive at their destination in one group.


Types of Van Rentals We Offer for Sports Teams

It’s easy to imagine a sports team packed onto a long, yellow school bus traveling to an out-of-town sports game. Sports organizations often use these buses as their primary method of transportation when there are better vehicles available. Passenger vans sit high atop the options for traveling to and from games in comfort and style.

Our van rentals for sports teams include:

  • 12-passenger vans: State Van Rentals offers 12-passenger vans from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. These vans allow you to travel in style while having plenty of room and comfortable seating. Smaller teams can benefit from extra space to store their gear.
  • 15-passenger vans: 15-passenger vans provide the extra space you need, whether for a few additional players or several more equipment bags. These models offer optimal organization and highly comfortable seating options. The vans also allow you to remove seating to use the space as efficiently as possible.
  • Minivans: Our eight-seat minivan rentals are perfect for smaller groups traveling to sporting events and work particularly well for fans who want to carpool. Despite being called minivans, these vehicles offer plenty of room for comfort and functionality. Our minivan rental models include the Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.


Benefits of Renting Vans for Out-of-Town Sports Team Travel

State Van Rental offers a lot more than just a basic vehicle rental. Our unparalleled customer service exceeds industry standards. If you’re traveling near Los Angeles or Las Vegas, some of the benefits you’ll experience when renting from us include:

  • Cost savings: When everyone on your team needs to chip in for travel expenses, it’s important to find an economical option. Van rentals allow you to consolidate and minimize many of these fees.
  • Spaciousness: Our van rentals provide significantly more room than cars. Our comfortable 12- or 15-passenger vans let your players relax and stay loose for the entire ride to the game.
  • Amenities: Some of the extra features we offer include Wi-Fi access, FasTrak toll payment, GPS navigation, rental liability protection and lot parking for your personal vehicle. Fees vary according to your rental agreement.
  • Shuttle service: If your travel plan involves an airport, we offer shuttle services to get you to and from the facility. We also can deliver or collect your rental in many areas throughout the region. Charges vary by location.
  • Reliability: We make sure to maintain our passenger vans above and beyond manufacturer and industry recommendations. Also, they are a perfect choice for inner-city trips because of their compact size and maneuverability.
  • Roof racks: Many of our passenger vans contain roof racks for transporting extra team gear. This feature comes in handy, especially when the seating is near capacity and additional equipment needs to go along with the team.

At State Van Rental, we try to provide you with the most comfortable and efficient rental vehicles at cost-effective prices. You can choose from our many customizable extra features to cover your specific sports team van rental needs. We explain our fees and coverages ahead of time, meaning you won’t see any surprise charges at the end of your rental agreement.


Reserve Your Van Rental Today

One of the most effective ways to ensure your team’s next road trip goes smoothly is by planning everything well in advance. Reserving one of our passenger vans ahead of time allows you to secure your rental and take advantage of our great deals and rates. If you want to begin the rental process or have any questions about our vehicle options, call us at 888-315-6888 or contact us online today.


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