If you want to really enjoy a trip to the Golden State, you need to have the right transportation, and a van is often the best choice due to the fact that it can comfortably fit plenty of people and luggage.

Whether you’re going on a vacation with the family, a daytrip with your friends, a tour with the band, or any other excursion that requires ample traveling room, a luxury van is going to make your experience much more enjoyable. Below is a quick list of everything that you need to know before you rent a van in California.

Age Requirement

While Californians as young as 16 can drive legally, vehicle rentals are typically more stringent on safety policies to ensure drivers and passengers are as safe as possible. The person renting the van must be at least 21 years old. Drivers 25 and under will be charged an additional insurance fee.

Insurance Policy

All drivers are required to have liability coverage. Drivers older than 25 can provide proof of their own coverage, but if they can’t insurance can be purchased from State Van Rental. Drivers with a valid U.S. state driver’s license and international travelers with valid licenses between the ages of 21 and 25 will need to provide their own full coverage in order to rent a van in California, regardless of citizenship.

License Regulations

Before renting a vehicle, all drivers must have a valid license and a credit card in their name. Drivers with negative marks on their driving records may be prohibited from renting a van and it may also be necessary to perform a DMV check to determine eligibility. For international drivers, California law only requires that their licenses are valid when renting within the state. An International Driver’s License issued in the traveler’s home country is not required, however many rental agents find this type of document helpful if they can’t read of recognize a renter’s foreign driver’s license.

Crossing Country Borders

Unless prior arrangements have been made for cross-border travel, driving into Mexico or Canada can be problematic. State Van Rental prohibits travel across country borders without permits. You can make specific arrangements to rent a van in California and then cross a border in order to enjoy other exotic countries.

Stipulations for Other Drivers

If more than one person will be driving the rental van, State Van Rental must be informed. Every driver’s information must be documented before you rent a van. Everyone who drives the vehicle must follow the same rental terms and an additional fee may apply for additional drivers.

Deposit Requirements

In order to rent a van in California from State Van Rental, you will need to pay a refundable deposit. The actual amount varies depending on the type of vehicle you rent. Any damage to the vehicle will result in fees. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any of our vehicles.

Payment Options

State Van Rental makes renting a van easy by allowing clients to pay with Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover cards, as well as Diners Club or Carte Blanche.

Rules for Drop-Off

We understand that sometimes delays happen, that’s why State Van Rental provides a one-hour window past the specified drop-off time before charging an extra day. Drop-off points are easy to find and are located throughout CA in locations such as, Burbank, Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, San Diego, and Orange County. For added convenience, we can even drop off or pick up your van virtually anywhere in California.

Rent a Van with Confidence

We are the clear choice for anyone looking to rent a van in California. We offer a huge fleet of premiere 7, 8, 12, or 15-passenger vans to fit your traveling needs. Call our friendly and helpful staff at 1-888-826-5212, or reserve your van onlinetoday. Additionally, if you’re visiting from abroad, our globally minded, multilingual team of agents can assist you navigate the Golden State and beyond. Make the right choice when you rent a van in California, and get the most value for your dollar at State Van Rental.

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